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Modern microwaves combine many functions and nowadays they replace many other cooking appliances, saving you precious space, time and efforts for maintenance and cleaning. Depending on your needs, you can buy a solo microwave oven with basic cooking functions, microwave with grill, convection microwave allowing you to cook food in the same way as in traditional oven, combo (with all three functions), or a high-end combo microwave with additional steam function. Based on the location, microwaves can be countertop, built-in, or over-the-range. Whatever your type is, keep in mind that microwave repair requires a licensed and experienced kitchen appliances technician and the specialists from Alfa Appliances are only a call away! We are fully insured and bonded, servicing all major brands, and covering the whole Las Vegas NV area including Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Spring Valley, Paradise, Enterprise, Lake Las Vegas, Seven Hills, Silverado Ranch, Green Valley, Rhodes Ranch, Whitney Ranch, The Lakes, Nellis Air Force Base (AFB).

Call today if you are experiencing some of the following microwave oven issues:

  • Microwave not heating food
  • Microwave won’t start
  • Microwave starts then stops
  • Microwave door doesn’t seal properly
  • Microwave buttons or keypad don’t function
  • Microwave is working but the plate doesn’t spin
  • Microwave making unusual sounds
  • Microwave is working but the light inside is off
  • Sparks and smoke coming out of the microwave
  • Mechanical damage of a replacement part

If your microwave seems like it’s working but the food remains cold, the usual cause is a bad door switch (interlock), shorted high voltage diode, faulty magnetron, transformer or a burned fuse. And while a microwave may seem like a good DIY project, keep in mind that most of its components require knowledge and tools of an experienced appliance technician. Check if the door is completely sealed when closed as it’s designed to keep the radiation contained, so any failure with it should be taken seriously. The high voltage diode helps powering the magnetron, which is the part that makes the heat to cook the food. The magnetron can contain beryllium oxide in its ceramic insulators which can be fatal if it gets into the lungs, so don’t try to take it apart! High voltage transformer is making up to 5000 V which can cause serious damage to you and your body or even death. So please be very careful and responsible! For our customers in Las Vegas, we offer $85 diagnostic fee, which will be deducted from the total amount of the repair cost (labor and parts), if performed by us. If you don’t want us to do the repair you simply pay us the diagnostic fee.

Besides Microwave oven repair, ALFA Appliances services include:

Quick Tips

Things to never try to microwave:

  • Metal cookware, utensils or aluminum foil
  • Plastic bags, paper bags (besides popcorn bags) or Styrofoam (polystyrene foam) containers
  • Eggs
  • Anything different than food with the proper cookware
  • Hot peppers (they release chemicals so the effect of opening the microwave would be similar to a pepper-spray)

Never use the microwave with nothing in it!

  • If you run an empty microwave oven, or with items without water molecules, the magnetron would absorb all microwaves and your appliance will be damaged.

Health Tips:

  • The type of radiation the microwaves work with, is a radiofrequency radiation (RF), different than x-rays or gamma rays. The RF radiation is at the low-energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum and is everywhere around us. It’s not radioactive and it’s not making your food such.
  • Microwaving is not corrupting the DNA of your food. The microwaves are making the water molecules to vibrate, so they are not affecting their structure in any way.