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Cooktop repair and installation in Las Vegas, NV

Call today if you are experiencing some of the following cooktop issues:

  • Gas burner won't light (ignite)
  • Gas burner is heating slowly
  • Gas cooktop keeps clicking
  • Smell gas
  • Gas leak
  • Electric cooktop won’t turn on
  • Electric coils (burner surface) won’t heat
  • Damaged electric coils on the cooktop
  • Induction element of cooktop won't heat
  • Cannot adjust the temperature of burners
  • Electric cooktop creates sparks when turned on
  • Indicator lights or display won’t turn on
  • Mechanical damage of a replacement cooktop part

The experienced kitchen appliance technicians from Alfa Appliance are licensed to repair and install all major brands of cooktops and burners. We are fully insured and bonded. Our service vehicles cover the entire Las Vegas NV area including Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, Spring Valley, Paradise, Enterprise, Lake Las Vegas, Seven Hills, Silverado Ranch, Green Valley, Rhodes Ranch, Whitney Ranch, The Lakes, Nellis Air Force Base (AFB).

For our customers in Las Vegas, we offer $85 diagnostic fee, which will be deducted from the total amount of the cooktop repair cost (labor and parts), if performed by us. If you don’t want us to do the repair you simply pay us the diagnostic fee.

Types of cooktops and how to choose the proper one

  • For new electric cooktop installations or if switching from gas to electric, you will usually need a visit from an electrician to maintain the power supply. Most electric cooktops use 220-volt outlets, different than your regular 110-volt ones.
  • All new gas cooktop installations require an already existing and installed gas line, ready to be connected to the new appliance. If gas line is not present at the location where the gas cooktop will be installed, you need to contact your gas company for recommendations.
  • The choice between a stand-alone cooktop and a complete range with oven depends on your current configuration and it may require some kitchen remodeling and investments.
  • You can also consider a combination of different types of burners (gas or electric) and additional elements. That is a modular cooktop.

Gas cooktop Vs. Electric cooktop

  • Gas cooktop heats up faster
  • Gas cooktop has a more precise temperature adjustment
  • Food heats up more evenly with gas burner
  • Gas burners are suitable if you are experiencing power supply issues
  • Electric burner has no open flames which makes it safer
  • With electric cooktop you can cook on lower temperatures
  • Electric cooktops are usually easier to clean
  • Electric cooktop works best with flat-bottomed cookware

Coil Cooktop Vs. Smooth-top stove

  • Coil burners are the cheapest option on the market
  • You can use any type of cookware with it
  • Coils are harder to break and cheap to replace
  • Coil burners can cause uneven cooking
  • Coil cooktops are difficult to clean
  • Smooth-top stoves have better-looking designs
  • Works best with flat surface cookware
  • It has different warming zones
  • Smooth-top has a better contact and heats up evenly
  • Smooth surface is easy to clean but easier to scratch and break

Induction Cooktops

  • The induction cooktops work with magnetic field
  • Usually they are the most expensive type of cooktop
  • They heat up quickly and evenly
  • They work with induction-compatible cookware only
  • The process of heating food directly is energy-saving
  • It’s easier to adjust the heating temperature
  • The induction cooktop has a smooth surface and is easy to clean

Besides Cooktop repair, ALFA Appliances services include:

We give 30 days warranty on all cooktop’s replacement parts and 60 days free recalls if you experience the same issue!