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My name is Dinko Prisadashki and I am the founder and owner of Alfa Appliances. My journey in the appliance industry started in 2015 when I applied for an appliance technician job at local company here in Las Vegas. I was new to the appliance repair work but fast learner. I enjoyed “fixing stuff” and making customers satisfied. But getting more into the job nature and procedures I started to notice some “gaps” – poor customers’ service, miscommunications, absence of team work, negligence, lack of knowledge, long hours working, none-taken responsibilities, lots of unhappy customers and recalls and those are just a few to name! After a year or so of experience in the appliance repair field I decided to change all these “gaps” by opening my own appliance company to fulfill all customers’ needs in Las Vegas area.

In 2016 Alfa Appliances repair services was established with one owner, one technician, one dispatch, accounting and office worker and that was me, myself and I! My love and passion of “fixing stuff” gave me the opportunity to gain more and more experience of not only how to repair appliances, but the most important how to manage the business, take care of customers’ and partners’ needs and understand how to “get things done”.

A year later in 2017, a good friend of mine decided to join Alfa Appliances team, there were two of us. Things started getting more serious and challenging for me, trying to multitasking by servicing appliances, dispatching new work orders for me and my co-worker, teaching my friend how to repair appliances and of course organizing office work and taking customer support calls. Very soon I realized that things will go out of control!!!

At the beginning of 2018 my wife quit her steady job to join the team as an office worker: dispatch, accounting, customer service and inventory personnel. Her help was so much needed! I am so thankful that she risks her secured income and come to help the company. Of course, salaries were always under question like every new business.

Believing in ourselves and applying extra effort without return, my friend, my wife and I manage to build a solid, reliable appliance repair company in Las Vegas area and Alfa Appliances received 2018 National Quality Award in Recognition of Outstanding Commitment to Quality from one of the biggest warranty company in United Stated – AMERICAN HOME SHIELD.

In 2019 Alfa Appliances expanded by hiring three more technicians and another dispatcher. Now our team can cover the entire Las Vegas area and reach out customer needs in reasonable amount of time.

My name is Dinko Prisadashki and I am the founder and owner of Alfa Appliances. Me and my team want to assure you that we will try to do everything within our power to fulfill your appliance repair needs with compatible prices, solid, uncompromising electromechanical knowledge, reasonable due dates and satisfied repairs.

Alfa Appliances


Stef is not only a MASTER technician but also master of “you name it”. He has master degree in B.S. Criminal Justice Law Enforcement. He holds the master of all drivers’ licenses - CDL-A. He can serve tables and build you a website. He can tell you how to eat healthy and train. He can sell you supplements and get you married. He can show you how to buy stocks and find you a good lawyer. He is a master of home inspections. He knows everything! And, of course, he can fix your appliance too!

Alfa Appliances


Dian is the greatest calmness and the peace on earth. Even if “the roof is on fire”, he will continue to repair your appliances until the job is completed. He is patient and relaxed like God. And, of course, he can fix your appliance in no time!

Alfa Appliances


Plamen is the fairytales teller. He can fascinate you with his stories and cure your headache. He is the writer of bestsellers and his humor can fix your bad mood. And, of course, he can take care of your appliance too!

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Ana knows this funny Latin language that you often hear everywhere. If you need Spanish lessons or if you come from “south of the border” and need English lessons, she is the person to go to. And, of course, she is good at scheduling appointments and customer service too!

Alfa Appliances


Toni is boss’s wife and as you can guess, she is always right. She can do whatever she wants - firing and hiring, arguing and agreeing, punishing and rewarding. She is a sweetheart, but only if she wants too. And, of course, she can help you with authorization, estimates, scheduling, claims, customer service, parts, ETA’s, inventory, accounting, etcetera.

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Dinko is the leader. He wakes up with the chickens. Works hard like a mule and tries to help everyone like mother Teresa. His ambitions have no limits and his responsibilities - endless. He is so responsive, that even Superman admires him. In the office or in the field, he is always there for you. And, of course, like the magic crystal ball, he has all the answers - just ask him!

At Alfa Appliances we are doing our best to deliver excellent service, smooth appliance repair process and unforgettable experience!

Our mission as appliance repair technicians is simple:

Troubleshoot and locate the issue, repair the appliance and make customer happy!!!

Alfa Appliances